Help to change level of the movie clip

Hi fellows!\rI don’t write properly a good english but I’m doing my best.\rI just start to give the firsts steps in Flash5 ActionScript, then I would like a pacient help, because I can’t to do this.\r\rHere we go:\rI have an intro(InstanceName: logo) and another movieclip(InstanceName: back).\rThe intro starts(logotipo), on the middle they calls the other movie clip(back in tell target “go”). This movie (back) that would to be the background of the all scene and of the “logo” too.\rFirst problem. I want to invert the levels of the movieclips because I want the mclip(logo) always on stage and the “back” on _level0.\rThat can be possible?! How??\r\rStep two: \rOn the end of the MovieClip(back) I’ ve got the action: loadMovie(“menu.swf”, _level20).\rThe “menu.swf” is a menu bar with the buttons. When I press a button is to change the action of the movieclipe(back) on the _level0.\rHow can I do this?\r\rI appreciate yours patience. This is important for me.\rWith friendship,\rEduardo Silva from Portugal

I don’t know of any way to chenge a movie’s level, except loading it there. But what you can do is use the swapDepths function. This won’t change the levels as you intend to do, but it will do something… Supra explained the difference to me a while a go, but I can’t remember…\r\rThere’s a good tutorial on this site about it.\r\rpom 0]

Explicamelo en espanol… y creo que te puedo ayudar.