HELP! Unloading Movie w/ FLVPlayback in AS2

Hi, unfortunately, I don’t dev in Flash too much anymore, and I’m not up on AS3. Therefore, I developed this little project in AS2 (CS5.5) and seems that I’ve opened a can of worms.

I’ve got a launcher movie on _level1 that loads movies onto _level2 based on the button that is clicked. That all works well and good, but I can’t figure out how to unload the movie when it finishes playing, so as to return to the menu.

Some of the FLVs that are being loaded were too big to add to a timeline. So I had to use FLVPlayback to load the FLVs into my level 2 movie. I don’t know how to tell FLVPlayback to close its SWF when playback has finished.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. (FWIW, i’ve never used components until now)