Help updating my site to AS 2.0

hi all,

so i downloaded the trial for flash 8 and i was really wanting to try out the new cacheAsBitmap feature but it appears my old scripts dont work in AS 2.0 anymore. can anyone help me out? basically in AS 1.0 i was using an onEnterFrame command to duplicate my thumbnails (see my website for an example)… and now it no longer works. i know that AS 2.0 uses a different syntax for duplicating movieclips but how do i tell it to continue duplicating new clips until a specific number has been reached?

heres my function:
cur = 0;
makeThumbs = function () {
_root.onEnterFrame = function() {
if (_root.current<image.length) {
var y = int(cur/rowsize);
var x = int(cur-yrowsize);
thumbContainer.thum.duplicateMovieClip(“thum”+cur, cur);
_root.thumbContainer[“thum”+cur]._x = x
_root.thumbContainer[“thum”+cur]._y = y*yincrement+yOffset;

	if (cur == image.length) {
		delete this.onEnterFrame;