HELP! w/pic and example...communicating between 2 movies and loading new movie on top

ok, ive attached a pic that i think explains what i want to do, ive been able to find tutorials on parts but nothing thats exactly right, ok, into my main movie i want to load one swf with the navigation into one empty movie clip, in another empty movie clip load the different “pages”, how do i talk between the 2 swf files loaded into my main movie, in other words, how do i make the “about” button load the “about” page, and when the different swf files load for each “page” i want each one to load on top of the current one, not to replace it, i believe the VW link below actually does both of these things (go to the gallery) look at my attached pic and see if it makes sense, i will be grateful for any help someone could provide

thanks for looking,

see pic description at