Help with 3d Cube

I’m faily new to flash and hope someone can point me in the right direction.

I’m trying to get a 3d cube to open up and lie flat (i.e. the reserve of when you build a cube from a piece of cardboard). I can find 100’s of .fla files for 3d cubes performing various actions but none that ‘unfold’ themselves.

I don’t think that it’s actually that difficult (but I could be wrong), it seems that either I can’t get my head around the movements required for the cube to lie flat (i’ve even build myself a little model to try to work from), or maybe i’m using the wrong tools, but all my attempts end up totally disjointed.

Has anyone come across a open source .fla that I can crip from, or can anyone take 5mins to describe the process I should be using?