Help with a few problems on website

Hi there,

I have a few random problems on my website, and I’d like to see if anyone knows how they can be solved…the link is

  1. When you click on Portfolio, and then click on a thumbnail to view it in full mode, it flashes the new window in the upper left hand part of the screen, then centers it…I’d like it to just open directly in the center, without that flicker.

  2. When you click on Resume, the scrollbar to the left doesn’t have arrows, or for some viewers, the arrows appear after the user hovers of them. I’d like for them to appear when loaded.

-Thanks for any help, I really appreciate it…


1: How are you popping up the window right now?
2: Try deleting all instances of the scrollbar component from the stage, then the library, then redoing it. Looks like the template got screwed up somehow.

The windows are being popped up by a getURL call within the flash file, then calling an html file that holds the image. The html file uses a Dreamweaver extention called center pop-up that centers the new window within the browser.