Help with a small map

Hi, im pretty much a complete noob with flash but can follow a simple-ish tutorial.

Im using flash 8

Basically what i want to know how to do is, make each island on my small map highlight in some way like change colour for example and some text appear in a space to say the island name and for the island to be clickable to go to a html page about that island.

this is the map i will use (probly), its not a true geographical map as i have changed the spacing of the islands but its kept its basic shape and makes it better for what it has to do - [COLOR=#22229c][/COLOR]

and this and is basically what i want it to be like [COLOR=#22229c]…index_ext.html[/COLOR]

so if you imagine each continent which changes colour with a mouse over is one of the islands in my map.

I hope you understand and looking forward to finding out how it would be done.