Help With Action Script

I have a load movie action in a frame on my Actions layer:
loadMovieNum(“movie.swf”, 30);
What additional AS could be added so the “movie.swf” starts playing at frame 15 rather than frame 1?
Thanks for any help/suggestions!

im not sure of the AS but u could always just add 15 blank keyframes

I think something like this should do:

createEmptyMovieClip("loader", 9876);
loadMovieNum("movie.swf", 30);
loader.onEnterFrame = function() {
	lev = _level30;
	if (lev) {
		var t = lev.getBytesTotal();
		var l = lev.getBytesLoaded();
		if (l == t) {
		} else {

Thanks for the help, but you have an Action Script dummy here. I assume I make an empty movie clip with instance name of “loader.” I’ve tried a few different things, and nothing seems to work. Could you be more specific where I place the code you supplied. Better still a .fla with an example would be extremely helpful for an AS-challenged person like me. You’re help is greatly appreciated!