Help with an online, flash version of an excel spreadsheet!?

Hi there guys.

Before I start on a project I thought I’d see if you guys could give me some pointers that might make the project easier!

Basically I am going to be creating a web-based application which will allow the user to input data for certain fields, which will save to a table and will also update graphs from the data. - Basically it will be an online, flash version of an excel spreadsheet!

Have any of you done anything like this before? Perhaps there is a really easy way of doing it?

From what I gather it will need to edit an XML file and then load this into a graph. I have found a few useful tools for creating flash based graphs. It’s the creating the XML data and displaying it in a table bit that i could use some pointers on!

I hope you can help me, or point me towards some useful sites or whatever… :hugegrin: