Help with AS alteration to Voet's Flashlevel Nav!

Hey everyone-

I’ve taken Voetsjoeba’s Flashlevel Navigation code as well as the infinite menu code and rewritten them to make an all Actionscript drop-down menu driven by xml. The submenus can be of four types: sliding, infinite, slideshow, and static. There are many other properties that the user can set in the xml as well, including the rollOver animation for each menu item.

My problem is that I’ve got the submenu’s to appear and work correctly but I can’t get the drop-down functionality to work correctly. In the attachment there are two .fla files. The first one (xmlNav.fla) has all the submenus open and working, while the second (xmlNav2.fla) I’ve tried to implement the drop-down functionality but it makes the submenus quit working.

All of this may not make any sense so I suggest you look at the files for yourself. I think I’ve coded beyond my ability and need some pointers… Voetsjoeba? Scotty? Simplistic? anyone?


I’ve saved it in Flash 8