Help with basic AS

in trying to learn AS, i would like to be able to execute my ideas

so, if i have an MC named ‘box’, which is a little black square -
what would the actual script be if i wanted to have this box generated randomly on the stage and move in various random positions and eases

i know it would be dup MC and putting random on the x and y - i just dont know how to script it
this is cake for you advanced people…who i envy…thx guys

Hello again.

Have you checked out the random motion tutorial here?

here, i mixed something for you quickly.

This one spews 20 duplicates onto the scene, then they ease to random places every 2 seconds.


Check it, modify it, learn from it…

And check out the random motion tut as flex suggests above. This fla is just an easier way of doing it (in my mind)…

as always…thx

as always, np :stuck_out_tongue: