Help With Button PLEASE


I’ve created an animated button.

The idea is that it appears the first time with an animation and after that stops on the stage and as long as a rollover or press is not preformed it stays static.
an animation plays on a rollover .The button also changes a bit if you press on it.

Since Action Script isn’t my strong side (unfortunately) I’m in DIRE need of anyone’s asisstance in writing (and placing in the correct place) an AS code to do the following :

The problem with my button is that once I rollover on it and then leave the button’s borders, it re-preforms the first animation. I want that animation to preform only ONCE, the first time the button appears in my movie. The next times I leave it’s borders I want it to remain static, just as it appears at the end of the animation.

I’ve attached the file so that it’ll be easier to understand what’s the problem.

If you could, please correct the problem on the file and re-attach it to your post.

PLEASE HELP !!!, Thanks