Help with Buttons

Maybe I am missing something but all my buttons are not working… for example…

This is a site I am designing. The first box is where the button is located. I am not getting the scroll over effect nor am I getting the on click value. Help please!

I asume you mean “rollOver” not “scrollOver”… in addition I’m assuming that you’re using a method where by the button controls a movie clip rather than placing something in the “Over” frame of the button. (It’s really hard for that not to work)

I’d say… first thing to check is “instance” names. These are not the same as the “library” reference name that you set when you create a movie clip. The instance name is the one you use to call out to when telling a movie clip to do something, and it is set (in MX) in the property panel when you have the movie clip selected with the black arrow tool. (in Flash 5.0 it’s set in the “Instance” panel.)

Second thing to check is OOP reference string.

that is to say… if you have a movie clip inside another movie clip you need to call both of their instance names in the string. So, in the following example

movieClip1 contains movieClip2 and a button on the main timeline is telling movieClip2 to play(); then the code on the button would look like this


If that’s not it… try to give me a little more information as to what is wrong, even going as far as to provide the code that is on your buttons.