Help with continuous scrolling movie clip

Hey everyone -

I need some help with a continuously scrolling movie clip. I found some codes online but haven’t been able to modify them myself so I thought I would post on here to see if someone can help. I have attached the fla and swf so you can see what I’m talking about and help out.

Here is what I want to do with the page.

The boxes at the bottom will be images either embedded in the movie or loaded dynamically that scroll from left to right until someone clicks on a link above. Once the button is pressed the scrolling images at the bottom will stop and slide to a designated image and turn it from black and white to color.

If you guys can help with this I would really appriciate it. I will have five copies of this movie with a different number of images so it would be cool if you can help with the loading part as well.

Thanks so much!

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  1. create an array with all of you filenames and a variable holding your current position in the array

var myPics:Array = new Array(“file1”, “file2”, …);
var curPic:Number = 0;

  1. declare as many movieclips as you will need movieclips (#pics wide + 1)

I’ll just keep it there and continue…

var pic1:Movieclip = attachMovie(“emptyMovieClip”, “pic1_mc”,0, {_x:?, _y:?;
var pic2:Movieclip = attachMovie(“emptyMovieClip”, “pic1_mc”,0, {_x:?-1PICLENGTH, _y:?;

  1. load the images

4)create an onEnterFrame function() movimg pics every frame

5)in the onEnterFrame function

for(var i=1; i<=numPics; i++)

if(_root[“pic”+i]._x > endOfScreen) {
_root[“pic”+i]._x = beginning of screen;

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Thanks. I somewhat understand but it is a little bit over my head. A little more information please… Sorry not the best at actionscript but I am trying to learn

here’s my code:

//declare variables
var myPics:Array = new Array("","","","");
var curPic:Number = 0;
_root.attachMovie("blankMovieClip","pic0_mc", 0, {_x:300});
_root.attachMovie("blankMovieClip","pic1_mc", 1, {_x:0});
_root.attachMovie("blankMovieClip","pic2_mc", 2, {_x:-300});
this.onEnterFrame = function()    {
    for(var i=0; i<3; i++)    {
        _root["pic"+i+"_mc"]._x += 10;
        if(_root["pic"+i+"_mc"]._x >=600)    {
            _root["pic"+i+"_mc"]._x = -300;
            if(curPic >= myPics.length) curPic = 0;


Try this out… not much but might help …

What is another option for the onEnterFrame? I only have one frame in the timeline and would like to keep it that way if possible

Even If you are not moving forward on your time line a new action script frame is created every so often, depending on how many you set it to. Standard is 12 fps in Flash 8. Check Out my flash movie, you will see that it only has 1 frame on the time line.