Help With Creating different cursors

Hi guys

Is it possible to create different cursors for different items in a single frame?
i.e i have items all to appear together in the frame. but for each clickable items i wanna create different different cursors to indicate their different interactivity e.g magnifying glass to zoom, hand to link etc…

Hope someone can help! thanx a billion!

that’s not tough all you need to do is: hide the normal cursor

and look for the hitTest function:

  1. when you hitTest a movie clip it will look if the cursor is hovering over the MC
  2. if it is then switch the cursor to an image associated with the MC
  3. if it isnt return to a normal cursor

look at this tut:

all you need to do is change the caption images and remove the hand cursor…


make MC (containing different MCs on different frames) and tell it to follow mouse and show up when it should :smiley:

yeah it works. thanx a billion guys!