Help with creating HTML file for all browsers

hello everyone,
I just finished my full flash portfolio, you can check it out in this link:
The only problem standing my way before I can open it the HTML code. The currect code is good
and works perfectly in FireFox and Chrome but in other browsers suck as IE7 or Safari and a few more it fails to work.
I already gave up on this HTML code, I tried so many varations for it to work but always there is a problem on a certain browsers and I want
everyone to be able and surf my website. So I am asking your help to help me and create the HTML file.
A few details:
the SWF size is: 1200px X 830px
I want it to be 100% width and height with no damage on the quality of the design just like how it is now on FireFox I want it to be on
all browsers.