Help with dragging

please help. I’m trying to make a draggable menu in a jukebox. I did it the same as in the draggable menu tut. the difference is, that the whole menu is inside of a clip with masking and such. the problem is I don’t get any errors when I test it but the dragger clip just disappears when I click it. anyone encountered this before?

there must be a problem in your code. you can e-mail me the FLA and i can take a look.

fla has been emailed.

on the dragger you have this code::

onClipEvent (load) {
yold = _y ;
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if (dragging) {
_y = _root._ymouse ;
dydrag = _y + yold ;
yold = _y;
_root.sounds.screen.soundlinks._y += 3*dydrag ;

just change the _y = _root._ymouse to _y = _parent._ymouse

that will fix it. What happened was that it was not disappearing, it was moving down off of the screen because when you called for _root._ymouse, its y value was off the screen for the root of that MC, however, for the parent of the MC it works perfectly fine.

If you have anymore questions e-mail or post. Very nice looking site. I wish I had the capabilities and the imagination to make up a site like that. Very professional looking. Very clean. Nice Job. Let me know when it is finished.

thank you! (jumps for joy) thank you!
I’ll post when the site goes up.