Help with dynamic nav/menu-Flash CS4

Hello, i recently ran into a couple of issues with a nav im building. im a designer, not an AS developer, so please excuse my noob AS skills, i am a beginner when it comes to this stuff. The nav itself is pretty basic, it could have been more efficient using AS but im using a custom font so i built it the only way i know how.

I have two issues, the first one, under my “projects” category, i built a subnav that will drop down when you select “projects”, however, it will remain open if you click any other category that is the subnav. i have an opening and closing animation for this subnav but cant seem to target the closing animation correctly. I am using (or trying to) use a simple “if” statement that is supposed to target the closing animation via a frame label but im not sure if this is possible. the code im using for it is:

    if (this._parent("projects_open") == true) {

it does not seem to work and i have tried different variations of it.

the second issue im having is with the “on” state of each button. I’m using several lines of code that will target whenever the button is clicked, and it seems to work, however the remaining buttons or categories seize to work when one of them is already selected. Im attaching my FLA in hopes you can take a look and see how im building this. any help is really appreciated. thanks!