Help with embedding windows media into my flash?

Hey all,

I was wondering if anybody could tell me how I would do the following:

I have a flash site… within my flash site I have buttons that go into different sections of the flash… everything is done in flash so the html makeup would only consist of the flash.swf file…

I was wondering how do i embed the windows media window into A SINGLE section of my flash site?.. for that section it will have links that target music files… so when the users clicks on the music links, the windows media will start to play/buffer them/whatever is best… anybody have any suggestions?..

My files:

index.html (where this only contains the flash.swf)

These music files that I have are in CDA format (the formats used in regular music CDs that you buy at the store). What formats would be best to convert them to? I have a CDA to WAV converter but I’d assume that the WAV files would be too large for what Im trying to do. What is the best format to convert to?

Thanks =D

i think its the same as adding it in an html page, ahh but u want to embed the player in ur movie… i duno why you would wana do that when just making a simple wmp window come up and player ur movie is a lot easier… but i think what ur asking for can be done it will just take a lil work… time to expariment =)

hehehe… yeah Ive been trying to fiddle around. But if I cant get any replies or figure it out I guess Ill go with putting it into my html seperately then… but then what shall i place within the flash… just links linking it to what kinds of files would be best to converst these CDA formats to? =D… thanks for replying =D