Help with external harddrive

yea… i waswondering if anyone could help meh with this, it’s not much of a problem but it’s driving me crazy. earlier today i was downloading a torrent to my external harddrive, and i went to log out (in case someone needs to know, i’m using a mac powerpc on OS10.3.9) and so the torrent was being paused and my torrent client was shutting down, but then i remembered that my dad would need to use his printer later, so i told my external drive to eject (so there would be a port for the printer). and then my comp. just kept giving me the magical spinning wheel so i made my torrent client force quit, and my drive disappeared from my desktop so i unplugged it, and i got the, “warning: device removal,” thing so i was like, “oh no!” but i thought it should be fine and logged out. a little while later i logged back in, and plugged in my drive. yay! everything was fine! joy! but, there was a folder on my desktop with the same name as my drive, so i clicked it, and it disappeared. ok… just a little weird… but now it keeps reappearing everytime i open a folder window :frowning: the computer still recognizes it as a drive and no matter how many times i try to eject it, it keeps coming back! and now i can’t finish downloading that torrent because it tries to place the rest of the download on the blank, evil ghost drive :frowning: what should i do???