Help with Flashlevel Nav Recreation Caption placement PLEASE GIVE ME A HAND!

I have everything working fine from the tutorial posted here:

I’ve tried everything I can think of to “move” the captions off to a different area, basically I want the captions to show up in one location on my website when a user hovers but everything I have tried doesn’t do the job either the text gets set to the last caption in the array or the text doesn’t change at all I’ve posted a message in the other thread but voetsjoeba nr anone else has replied in 2 days, I’m at my wits end I really want this to work :frowning: I shouldn’t need to post an fla its code and fla wise so far 100% just like the tutorial I’ve just moved the location around a little and I’ve also changed the captions and a pic or 2 but that wont afftect the code any. I’m dying here guy please help me out. If I do need to post code I can do that too just let me know and I’ll zip up my working dir’s and post them up