Help with gallery please

creating a new site and am having problems.
here is my problem right now:
all of my button functions work **inside **a m.c. that is on the stage (root timeline). i want the release of that button to gotoAndPlay on the root timelime, how do i do that?
right now my root timeline scripting is this:
b1.onRollOver = over;
b1.onRollOut = out;
b1.onRelease = camera;
function over() {
function out() {
function camera() {
“here” for fla
this does what i want in that when the gallery is clicked it enlarges for a background. over this background i want my pics, each pic will have a button hidden underneath it so that when the button is released the pic enlarges. i can get this to happen. here is the problem though:
when you release the gallery button the background enlarges fine but where ever you put your mouse over that background it thinks it is all a giant button…i don’t want that.
that’s why i’m thinking i have to have it open to the root. and then when the mouse goes over a pic the button/hand thing will happen.
does this make sense, do you know what i want?