Help with getTimer()

I was wondering if it’s possible to reset the getTimer() value with a command, if it’s possible, I’d appreciate anyone posting helping me with it.

erh, don’t mind me but i just don’t wanna create another thread with nearly the exact same title.

I’ve been really trying to get this right. I want to have a; timer starting from the start of the movie in seconds as well an minutes. I didn’t look on anything, i thought of the method myself. I came up with many ways but this is the closest:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
mymilli = getTimer();
mysec = Math.round(mymilli/1000)-secminus;
mymin = 0;
secminus = 0;
realsec = Math.round(mymilli/1000);
if (realsec == 60) {
secminus += 60;
mymin += 1;
nTimer = mymin+ " minutes and "+mysec+" seconds";

It’s probably hard to understand y i have it in such a way. Cuz (I think) no matter what i do with the mymilli, (sabtract for example) it will still getTimer again.

When it gets to 60 seconds, the seconds become zero and the minute become 1 but when it gets to 61 seconds, the minute becomes zero again and the seconds become 61.

Do u need a file?

this should be in the actionscript forum, shouldn’t it?