Help With Keys!

ok, new prob, I figured that it’d be easier to make a movie clip, and inside the movie clip have frames, each frame has a diff movie clip, frame on is a guy facing forward, frame 2 is the guy faceins left, and so on. In frame 5 the guy is walking forward, in 6, walking to the left, and so on. Now, here’s what I would like to accomplish (I’ve tried MANY things, not successful) I want to, when I push up on the keyboard, for the movie clip to go to frame 5 and stop, when I release, go to frame 1 and stop. When I push left, go to frame 6 in the movie clip and when I release go to frame 2. sounds simple right? Maybe mesa jus’ dumb:smirk: :frowning:

can someone please help me? Claudio? :frowning:

Im here lol
Let me think

Is this what u want?

that is very **** close to what I’m trying to accomplish, only thing is, when I release a button, I don’t always want it to go back to frame one. If I release up, I want it to go to frame one, if I release left I want it to go to frame 2, if I release up I want it to go to frame 3 and so on

Wait let me think a little more

lol, ok, what you did in that fla, is as far as I have gotten, but i’m have trouble with the release portion

Check now.

you are the actionscript god my friend bows lol, Idda never figured out the counter thing, thanks alot

Im no programmer, im sure there should be better ways of achieving the same effect, but thats all i could come up with :slight_smile:
Thx for the complements anyway =)
Glad u got it working now