Help with Kirupa Photo Slideshow using a shared object

Hi there. This is my first post and I was hoping I might find some help.

   I am trying to create a flash image rotation thing which displays continuously through out a site. I have done the [](http://../developer/mx2004/xml_slideshow.htm) which is fantastic. 

But I now would like to expand it a bit.

What I would like to do is find a way to a rotating flash ‘banner type thing’ with the xml slide show file. I am trying to integrate what I learnt at the Shared Object lesson ( into the slide show file.

I idea is so that when the page is refreshed the gallery does not go back to the start of the slide show again. Rather it looks to the shared object for the last image viewed. If there is a value there then it picks up from there. If there isn’t a value, then it loads the XML file and starts from the beginning. To keep the Shared Object up-to-date, as the next image is loaded, the flash file updates the Shared Object with the value of the image currently being displayed.

I am new to flash and find action scripting a bit daunting. I understand what the code is doing in the tutorial as it is really well explained and laid out, but I have a long way to go before I am code as neatly or as cleverly.

If you know or have done these tutorials, you will know how great they are. I think that this would be a nice extension for the XML slideshow.

 Any help would be greatly appreciated.