Help with layout problem in word

I am currently writing my PhD thesis using microsoft word; currently to insert pictures on a new page I am using a page break and then inserting the picture and caption before adding another page break and continuing the text of the thesis.

There are two problems with this:

  1. as I am using justified text inserting a page break ruins the effect
  2. if I add text above the image and it runs onto the next page then I have to cut and paste text to get the effect back.

Is there some way of anchoring a picture and associated caption to a specific page so that if text is added above the excess will flow onto the 3rd page e.g.

page 1 text
page 2 image + caption
page 3 text

adding to page 1 will bump additional text onto page 3 without moving image or caption from page 2

Thanks if anyone knows how to do this as it will probably stop me going insane