Help with listeners

I’m in trouble, again. Thanks for your time.

I need an externally loaded mc (a listener) to execute a tween when another movie clip (a broadcaster) is pressed. So, when you press on mc1, mc2 executes a function. Sounds so simple. And I feel I almost cracked it. Now, I know the theory behind broadcasters and listeners, but my code simply doesn’t work. I must be dumb since I couldn’t figure it out from the senocular’s tut on broadcasters and listeners.

To try to illustrate the problem more: listeners are a couple of arrows, left and right. They are movie clip buttons that work on the rewind principle. There’s an externally loaded mc at the stage that executes its intro tween (nothing special), and when it stops I want it to start listening to the arrows. So, when on(release) on the arrow occurs, externally loaded mc executes it’s outro tween, and at the end calls for the next externally loaded mc on the stage.

Now, to add another question; I have 6 externally loaded clips, called by the arrows. When the first and the last one are on the stage, I’d like to disable the previous, and the next buttons, respectively. I thought I’ll just do arrow.enable = false in the first and the last clip. Any better way of doing it?

Again, thanks for your time.