Help with Loading and Unloading movies/links

Help with Loading and Unloading movies/links
hi people, im having some trouble with actually getting my files to link properly, im not sure if im using the wrong action script or what.

heres the example, when u go to the index page or index.swf i guess, after hitting the enter button id like it to go to the homepage.swf but the problems im running into are

1.the new homepage.swf will load over the index.swf after pressing enter button on index.swf which is set up through the .fla

  1. movie wont load

am i not setting the target properly or? no target? or am i not using the loadMovie(“example.swf”); action script properly

in short im just trying to get it to work like an html page, click one link, takes you to that page, click another link, and it takes you to a different part of the page.

any help would be greatly greatly appreciated!!!