Help with loading external movie

I made my site, and all the external movies load when I press test movie, and when I open the swf, but when i put it online… It doesn’t work! GRRR! I have all the external movies in the same folder as the main movie. Here is the code I used:
[AS]on (release) {

empty is the movie the external movies load in

on (release){ 
       loadMovie("home.swf", _root.empty);

try that…


:smirk: :smirk:

still not working! :frowning:

what are you using as a button a mc or a btn?? try using it like this

_root.buttoninstancenamehere.onPress = function() {
loadMovie(“about_final.swf”, “_root.empty”);

should work if not post your fla so we can check it out


I get this error when I test movie:

Scene=Scene 1, Layer=menu, Frame=2: Line 1: Statement must appear within on handler
_root.empty.onRelease = function() {

you use that script in the frame actions, not in the button actions.

yeah sorry i forgot to mention that your supposed to use that script in the timeline not on the actual button, i put all my code in 1 frame this way i dont have to go crazy looking for actions in mcs and buttons its a habit you should start practicing :wink: