Help with loading into movies

this is probubly so simple to yall but i need some help. I dont want to make my web page huge so i am wanting to have a button that will load content into a box that is in the middle of the screen without having to put it on the main stage. i guess thats dynamics of some sort. Im not sure.

example: click on 3d and it brings you thumbnails of my 3d art.

if you can help please e-mail to [email protected] or post on this thread. thanks for the help. and by the way, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

You should have a look at the “Creating a Full Flash Site” at :slight_smile:

after going through the tutorial really quick i found that i can load the content but it is not loading into the proper location. and after loading it will not go away when clicking on other links. any fixes?

You can place the movieclip in which it will load anywhere you want. You can adjust the position of the movieclip that will load that way. When clicking on other buttons, you must make sure that they load swfs in the same movieclip as the others. Then it will replace the movie that’s current in it :slight_smile:

There is the “Editing an Object’s Registration Point” Tutorial. Maybe it can help you to put objects at the desired location. And as it was said, you should load the diferent swf files in the same movieclip in order to unload the first and load the next.

thanks guys i got it!

You’re welcome :wink: