Help with loading random images

I have a series of jpg images that I want to load randomly onto my main movie. I am not sure how to make it so that once one of the images has been loaded, that particular image does not get chosen again.

I am not sure if this is very clear so I will try to give an example. Lets say I have 4 images name 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, and 4.jpg. I have 4 spaces on my main movie that I want to each hold one of the images. If the first slot randomly gets 3.jpg, then that image should not be chosen again.

Right now, I am waiting for my computer to get back to me since it is being repaired but I just want to plan out some changes/additions that I would like to make to a site. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

okay…i am able to randomized the array of images but I am having trouble displaying them. There are a total of 49 images so I was looking to write a function to load the images using a for loop.

Here’s what I am using right now:

loadMovie(_root.pathToPics+arr1[j], (“movieclip”+j);

I need to assign ._x values to each empty movie clip as well but I don’t know how to write the code when I want each clip to have a different name.

Anyone got some ideas?

do the empty clips get deleted once I loop through that for loop?