Help with map zooming needed

I’ve got 2 questions:
1/ I want to design a map that dynamically zooms down to a particular area. I’ve created the map in CorelDraw and exported it as a swf. I’ve then exported the swf into Flash. I then use the scale handles to increase the size of the map over a number of frames to give the impression of zooming in. The map has an outline around all the coasts etc. and the problem is that this outline becomes thicker when the map zooms in, making the map illegible. I was wondering if there is a way to keep the line thickness the same when scaling objects. Otherwise I could just not use an outline for the countries, but it certainly looks better with it.
2/ Also, I want to show an animation of an aircraft flying across the map. I would like to have a line drawn behind the aircraft to easily see where it has been. Is there a way of doing this in Flash?
Any help would be appreciated.

select all the lines in your map and convert it to hairline. it’s the only way to avoid the thickening of the lines when zooming. or better yet remove all the lines retain only the fills!

about your second question you can do that using a path drawing of your plane and making it. the mask moves when the plane moves thus giving illussion of a path.

I hopw this helps! :slight_smile: