Help with my PHP website

Hello everyone!
I came across this forum and seems like you can help me here…

Well, I’m not a developer myself… I have a store and now I think we came to a stage when we should have a website. They say that PHP is a good option if to speak about eCommerce.

Can you point me the right direction, please? What should I begin with?

Thank you very much in advance!!!

Hi there! Well, the one who advised you PHP for eCommerce has the point :grinning:
I would agree with them that that’s a good choice. However, I’d need some more details to guide for further recommendations.
Can you tell a bit more about your store? How many goods would you like to have on your website? How many customers do you expect? Are you planning to expand this webshop in the future?

Hi @Agetithas! So sorry for keeping silent for such a long time, had so many things going…
And thanks for the reply!
As for the store, I’m planning to have about 1000 items at first and within the year to expand up to 3000 maybe, I want to see how things are going first. As for the number of customers - I don’t know yet, I haven’t analyzed that poit thoroughly yet :frowning:
Can you recommend me something with this info?

Hey! Almost lost hope to get more details… Just kidding :smile:
Well, still, not that much info. All I can say for sure is that you’ll be wise if you go for PHP (google for Magento, WordPress, Shopify, maybe you’ll have a better idea about how you wanna see your webstore). And if I were you, I’d consult with a PHP s/w agency. Here are a couple that might be of help with PHP, I think:
Good luck with that!

Thanks for the links and for the information!!! And actually you answered the question I forgot about in my previous post :sweat_smile:

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Thank you very much, Kirupa! I’d like to mention that nofollow assigns the value, while rel=“ugc” doesn’t, and recently Google and other search engines have started supporting it (was proved by experiments) :slight_smile:

Interesting! Didn’t know that :grinning:

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