Help with nuke defense game... [AS2]


I’m creating a game whereby the user has to defend the USA from nuke attack. What they have to do is use either the UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT arrow keys at the right time (when prompted) to destroy the incoming nuke. It’s a bit like those dance-mat or guitar hero games where who have to hit the right button at the right time when prompted. If this user does this, it will destroy that incoming nuke.

So, I have a couple questions on how to get this to work (screenshot below)…

  1. How can I get the nukes to spawn at a random motion path (one at a time probably)? In the screenshot I only have one motion path at the moment, but want to have say 20, and to randomise, so the user can’t learn a pre-determined order.

  2. How to attach one of the arrow keys to that nuke - showing the prompt in the bottom left at the same time - which will enable the user to destroy that incoming nuke?

Any help is greatly appreciated.