Help with (onclipevent)

I have a project Im working on that Im having a hard time figuring out (mainly the AS that Im trying to run). It a external swf preloader that triggers the external movie with a button and then preloads it. I will include the fla if you want to take a look but basically heres the AS thats calling the external SWF

 onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
 if ( == 1) {
  _root.clip._alpha += 10;
  _root._height =250
  _root._width =764

So it is creating a new frame that is sized at what I need it to be sized to but because of it entering a new frame when the swf loads it takes the whole screen and goes over my buttons so you cant choose another video. I have the buttons in a layer above the clip so it has to be the enterframe going completly over my button layer… How should I go about getting this setup so that I can keep the buttons over the new frame thats being entered?

thanks for the help ahead of time!


Like I see it now, the content layer where the buttons are is UNDER the clip layer, if you want to have the buttons over, then create a new layer ABOVE the ‘clip’ layer and paste your buttons there.

I’m not sure if I understand exactly what you want to achieve.

well yea thats the goal I want but I already have the buttons above the clip layer… thats not the problem… the problem is Im calling a newframe and its overlaying the rest of the layers… so I need to find a work around

OK I have it so I can see the buttons now but… when the video loads the buttons get SUPER SMALL… like microscopic… I dont know what could be causing this but I need major help!!!

That’s because of this :

_root._height =250
_root._width =764

Try re-sizing the clip instead of the whole swf _root movie.


_root.clip._height =250
_root.clip._width =764

Edit : actually I’m not so sure now that I think about it it’s just not good practice but not a problem in your case since the size of your movie is already 250x764

sweet that WORKED!!! Im not familiar with the root commands yet so I didnt know that you could resize the clip instead of the whole thing!!! thanks so much