Help with PHP and FLASH showing content

Hello, I am trying to put together a web site that takes ALL content from the MYSQL database and displays it in dynamic text boxes…

I am having no trouble getting the variables from PHP, it is just a problem of storing those variables so taht they can be used later. Problem is displayed here:

click through all 3 buttons – make sure it loads the content, after you have clicked through all three, try clicking them again – the content does not show up and i cannot figure out why – or a soultion to it.

here is the function to get the content when given a page title.

function get_page(page_title){ 
 //creates a new loadVars object with the title of requested page, then returns 
 // with the page content to put inside the text box  
content = new LoadVars(); 
 content.page_title = page_title;  
 content.onLoad = function(success)   {     
  if (success){   		
        // enters recieved content into text box  		
        _root.content_box.scrollerText.htmlText = this.content;  		      }      else{           
 content.sendAndLoad("" + getTimer() , content, "POST");    

Here is some button code that calls the function with the desierd page title as a parameter:

on (release) {  

(also: the ‘loading’ is just another variable i load with LoadVars everytime a button is clicked (before the get_page() function is called) so as to make sure the text box reloads with new content each time --is there a real way to check if the content is loaded, and possibly use a loading bar for this type of dynamic content?)


ok it works great in Mozilla Firefox, but not in ie. or opera. It is not very reliable in either of those browsers…it cant be the php code, so it has something to do with my actionscript? Anyone?