Help with php troubleshooting

i’m getting a timeout error in a php script that saves a .csv file to the server and then loops through it to populate a database table:

PHP Warning: file( failed to open stream: Connection timed out in myphpfile.php on line 10

line 10 looks like this:

$lines = file($url_path.'/admin/lists/'.$new_file_name);

the following line (11) throws an error as well (because of the timeout) and this code is unable to execute:

foreach($lines as $key=>$val) {
		//echo "$key -> $val ++<BR><BR>";
		$accountArray = explode(",", $val);
		$arraySize = sizeof($accountArray);
		//echo "$key -> $val -> $arraySize +++<BR>";
		$accountNumber = $accountArray[0];
		if ($arraySize == 2) $accountName = $accountArray[1];
		else {
			$accountName = join(",", $accountArray);
		$accountInsert = "INSERT INTO accounts SET accountNumber = '$accountNumber', accountCompany = '".addslashes($accountName)."'";
		//echo "$accountInsert ++<BR><BR>";
		$accountResult = mysql_query($accountInsert);

If i check the server the file is being uploaded correctly and has permissions set to 777. what could be causing the timeout? what should i check next?

thanks for any help!