Help with putting my thoughts into code

Im an ex programmer and haven’t picked up flash in 4 years but now I need to program my new website. I know pretty much exactly what I want and even have a good idea how to code it but I dont know the structure in flash any more or even much of the basics. Im hoping someone can help put my thoughts into practice.

Im trying to make a flash website in CS4 AS3 to call forth several different flv videos when buttons are clicked. At the end of each video play i want it to load a separate jpg file which is the last frame of the specific flv video played so that I can use it as a background image and allow the user to play around in the window mousing over and clicking for information. Then when another button is click another video plays and so forth.

I know that the best way to do this is by creating an array of the video files and changing the array index when a button is clicked and the play the array source. I know i can place a watch for the video end which id imagine would be a good point to call the jpg image. I just dont know the structure for coding in flash anymore. I don’t even know where to put the code.

If anyone can help with a bit of advise, code or even a link to a tutorial it’d be much appreciated. As I said, i’m an ex coder. I can read code and understand what it does, I can manipulate given code but I cant write it from scratch. I wouldn’t even know where to put the code.

Thanks in advance

Rob Bowen