Help with rollovers/animation

Hi all,

I’m trying to put together a front page of a website. It’s for a clothing company and I have three images on the stage in frame 1 on the root timeline. In frame 2, I also have these images but with a lower opacity set. Also in frame 2 is a movie clip. On frame 1, I’ve put an invisible button symbol over one of the images and named it in property inspector. What I’d like to happen is for the user to rollover the images (eventually all the images will have an invisible button) and for the playhead to jump to frame 2 and play the movie clip (or another frame for the other images). I have the following code on frame 1:

specialised_btn.onRollOver = function() {


This works - it goes to frame 2 and plays the short animation (just a circle emerging and then showing descriptive text) and then stops because I have a stop action on the last frame of the movie clip. But how would I code the onRollOut bit so that even though they’re viewing frame two, I need a way for them to get back to frame 1 where the images are full strength. Would I need the same invisible button as in frame 1 on the images on frame 2 to make this work and then some code? Or is there a better way to do things.

I hope I’ve explained well enough the effect I’m after. If you need me to clarify, please let me know.

Appreciate any tips.