Help with root, parent and children please

[SIZE=2]hi all!
need some help with some scripting please. i really don’t know much…but enough to be destructive.
i understand the relationships betweens roots, parents and children only in the sense that they reside in each other and are paths (?).
all (root, parent, child) of my buttons will be movie clips.
all of my buttons will have onRollOver, onRollOut, and onRelease animations.
i am using flash 8
here is what i am trying to do:

my root timeline is my opening page
if i click mc_button_1 it takes me to my gallery (parent timeline) where mc_buttons_4,5,6 will be pictures
if i click on a picure (mc_button_4) the picture enlarges and takes me to mc_button_7 (child timeline)
if i click on the enlarged picture (mc_button_7) the picture fades and takes me back to the gallery (parent timeline)

my main buttons on the root timeline will all have simular parents and children under them so i can do the same thing with mc_buttons_2,3 that i am doing with mc_button_1
if someone could help me get from the root to the parent then to the child i would be most grateful.

if you give me the exact coding for one path i will try and fill in the rest.

thanks so much!