Help With RPG

I’m trying to make a rpg i got the movement working smotth but i’m having trouble with the inventory…let me put it this way i don’t no how to make the item go in the inventory box on contact with the player…Do any1 No any code for this…HELP ME OUT PLZ

hey man good luck on figuring that out the most someone will tell you is that you have to built an array…hahaha and that is it.


there are more than enuf threads to help u out.

Actually Skribble, there isn’t. Inventories are one of the few things that people have been working hard to come up with a good way to do it.

So here is an idea, if you cannot answer his question, don’t be an *** about it.

I’ll get to work on a managable inventory system right away… No worries… :slight_smile: