Help with scripting HTML "asfunction" plz

EDIT: PLease scroll down for simplified question:::::

Hi, I’m trying to use this generic function in an HTML-enabled dynamically loaded text box (.txt file):

<a href="asfunction:my_mc.loadMovie,file.swf">Load Movie!</a>

…to load a new .swf (“artist.swf”) into this mc: “_root.content”

Here’s the problem…I used the kirupa tutorial to create a flash movie with transitions. So i have a transition mc and here’s an example of the actionscript that I’ve been using on each navigation button (this example is on the button that leads to the releases section).

releasesbutton.onRelease = function() {
	if (_root.section != "releases.swf") {
		_root.section = "releases.swf";

because the asfunction command in HTML is limited in scope, how can I craft a function to replace


(BTW this works in that it loads the .swf but it doesn’t engage the transition or preloader)

…with this:

 ???.onRelease = function() {
	if (_root.section != "artist.swf") {
		_root.section = "artist.swf";

my apologies for such a round-about post but I really need to get this to work.


EDIT: and it would be best if the function is not specific to the .swf being loaded:


<a href="asfunction:**myNewLoadingKirupaFunction**,whateverIwant.swf"></a>