Help with scripting plz ^^

ok… i got 12 buttons… 10 buttons are for choosing audiotrack and button no:11 is for loading that track and then play it. button no:12 is just an audio off button. now i only need to know what scripting i should be using on the different buttons… and yes every audiotrack is a single .swf… i also wanna see the audiotrack get downloaded in %… tnx

for the selecting buttons, just set a variable, called “url” for example, like button 1 on(release){url=song1.swf;}
For the 11th one, to load it in, on(release){loadMovie(url,target or level)
For 12th, unload (url)

ok im sure this works but as i said i wanna be able to see the song get downloaded in % aswell… any ideas?

I have a MP3 player on my site, I have 35 songs, and all load, but I havent been able to figure out a way to put percents. I wish I could show U but my site is down.


well lets jsut say that i use GetBytesLoaded on button 11
(load audio) any ideas what i should use for scripting on the everything to make it work with % ?

What you’re asking is preloading, right ?
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yes preloading each audio.swf into level2…
the 10 audio buttons is only arming and then u have to press the “load audio” button to actually make it preload the audio track and show the % loaded.

gotta be somone in this forum how to make this work ? cmon flash gods!!! show me the power of the dark side :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t understand the problem. Do you know how to make a preloader ?? If you don’t, I suggest you take a look at the Best of Kirupa forum, and if you do, I really don’t see the trouble. ??

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well if i did i wouldnt be asking this right ?? the thing isnt just a “preloader” but rather an arming system for those 10 audio buttons… example: u press one of the 10 audio buttons to choose a song, when selected the song u want, u gotta press this button #11 “load audio button”. and its when u press the “load audio button” it should preload the external song.swf and show the loading progress with %.

hope this cleared it up for u…

isnt there anybody who knows to solve this for me ? plz i need help here…

isnt there anybody who knows to solve this for me ? plz i need help here…

If you’re loading the movies separately then each swf file must have it’s own preloader (well maybe not, but that’s the only way I know how to do it. :slight_smile: )

Check this thread for details about how to build a preloader. Do one and just copy the frames into each new movie.…ID=9.topic

check out this url: in the menu bar to the right they got an music jukebox with 9 different tracks… EXACTLY like that 1 is it that i need help to do… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, they are definitely loading each separately.

In MX it’s going to be a little different than it has been in the past. I don;t think that I’m going to be able to offer much more than the example below.

How much do you know about the loadMovie(); method?

I have a movieclip that shows the percentage loaded for a certain target. And if you load different movies into the target it shows ther percentage loaded for them. And when it hits 100% or has already been loaded before it says “loaded”. I didn’t know this was that hard to do…


actually when I was writing that above I was kind of thinking how silly it was to say that each separate movie would have to have it’s own preloader. The getBytesLoaded, will work on an object just as well as any timeline that it’s located in.

Sorry to be misleading there.

Definitely I think that is one of the pieces that this gentlemen is looking for.

sounds great! u think u could send me that .fla so i can check it out ? [email protected] … but also ? doesnt i need to make like an arming system for the “select song” buttons ? i mean u first press the song u want, and then u press that “load audio” button to make it actually load the song… any ideas of how it should be written? and tnx guys… :slight_smile: