Help with scroll bar

how do u apply scroll bar skins to the actual scroll bar? thx

how do i create a scrolbarl? ive created 2 buttons one of them i want to scroll the text up and the other one i want to scroll the text down. What this is is basicly my own scroll bar.

Also i have another question how come ALPHA doesnt work on text? May be im just doing something wrong. Ive got a movie clip where at some point i want the text box with text in it to appear. Ive change the alpha to 0 but it still shows up no matter what. How do i fix that?

i made the text and its scroll bar one object and the scroll bar doesnt show up when the objects alpha 0 but the text does … whats wrong

Text is special. Never works the way you expected. You can try and turn it into a movie clip, or break it apart, but then you won’t be able to modify it anymore, so that’s not a very good solution.

By the way, if you’re using MX, scrollbars are already made for you. Check the tutorial on this site :…roller.asp

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my friend did it and it worked just fine … may be im doing something wrong

Yes i know flash 6 has its own scrollbars but i wanted to know how to create my own

I made a scrolling tutorial on this site, you can check it. It should give you an idea.

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Could u plz give me the link? thx…ragger.asp and then [url=“”]…agger2.asp

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