°°° help with scrolling imagebar °°°

hey there,

i made this tutorial where a bar of images is looping from left to right. When i enter the image with my mouse-pointer, the image swoops left (mouse-move to the left) or to the right (mouse-move to the right). But the problem is this: if i hold the mouse-pointer still at the same spot, the image should stop moving. Instead, it continues to loop. How can I solve this? (the image is called ‘scrollclip’)

[AS]onClipEvent (mouseMove) {
xmousepos1 = _xmouse;
ymousepos1 = _ymouse;
if (xmousepos1>xmousepos2 && ymousepos1>-150 && ymousepos1<150) {
if (xmousepos1<xmousepos2 && ymousepos1>-150 && ymousepos1<150) {
if (ymousepos1<-98 || ymousepos1>-33) {
xmousepos2 = _xmouse;
ymousepos2 = _ymouse;

it should be changed in the last ‘if-part’

I tried this: if xmouse1=xmouse2, then stop, else, play
but it didn’t work.

Any help is welcome!