Help with scrolling menu actionscripts

hi there.
i have a problem with the actionscript. i got tis file from pumi which works great but the thing is, i need to place everything into another movie clip.
after placing it in the movie clip, the scroll doesnt work anymore, even though i have put an instance name n modified the script… below are the script n fla file. thanks. greatly appreciated.

i added the text in red

[LEFT]onEnterFrame = function () {
    //Smaller the Speed Number , the faster it goes,
    //Biger the Speed Number , the slower it goes.
    var Speed:Number = 15;
    var Center:Number = _root.[COLOR=red]big.[/COLOR]S._x;
    var xm:Number = (_xmouse-Center)/Speed;
    var xv:Number = (Center-_xmouse)/Speed;
    var over:Boolean = _xmouse>(_root.[COLOR=red]big.[/COLOR]S.Over._x+(_root.[COLOR=red]big.[/COLOR]S.Over._xscale/2));
    if (_root.[COLOR=red]big.[/COLOR]S.Over.hitTest(_xmouse, _ymouse)) {
        if (_xmouse>Center && _root.[COLOR=red]big.[/COLOR]S.B._x<_root.[COLOR=red]big.[/COLOR]S.Rec._x-(_root.[COLOR=red]big.[/COLOR]S.B.B1._width/2)) {
            _root.[COLOR=red]big.[/COLOR]S.B._x += xm;
        if (_xmouse<Center && (_root.[COLOR=red]big.[/COLOR]S.B._x+_root.[COLOR=red]big.[/COLOR]S.B._width)>_root.[COLOR=red]big.[/COLOR]S.Rec._x+(_root.[COLOR=red]big.[/COLOR]S.B.B1._width/2)) {
            _root.[COLOR=red]big.[/COLOR]S.B._x -= xv;