Help with scrollpanes

ive got two scrollpanes, the first scrollpane has buttons in its movieclip to load whatever movieclip in the second scrollpane. is there any code that i can use to do this? is this impossible?
if you guys don’t really get what my question is, i’m having the exact same problem as this guy here that i found. the only reason i couldnt get the answers from his post is that you have to pay for the answers and subscribe:a:
please help.

can someone let me know if this can be done or not? and if it can, can someone at the very least guide me in the right direction in terms of actionscripting or flash components or whatever is needed for this to work?

I suggest creating a mc, and giving it some linkage (lets call this mc “hans”).
then set it as content path for your scrollpane (lets call the scrollpane “scrolly”, and place it in the main timeline). hans “becomes” now “content”.

you can access anything in the scrollpane with this path:

thanks for replying
but i’m still confused on how to use that to load another movieclip into scrolly.
am i supposed to use that with unloadmovie