Help with simple form mail

Hi, ive set up 3 sites for a client.
2 are working fine but
1 is hosted with which uses PHP.(which im not an expert with?)
Ive been trying to get the form to email for 2 months now, im starting to pull my hair out…

I have contacted the host they said they would have a look, but that was 2 months ago they now dont reply to my emails…I send them every day!!

ive tried the php script which came with the flash template the client wanted (the template had asp and php pages the asp works fine the other 2 sites use this). and have also created a html version!!

it all works fine and I get the conformation page/message “mail has been sent” on the website but I never recieve the email??

I have tried 3 different scripts ive downloaded, and the tutorial here on Kirupa. all do the same thing, they seem to work fine but no emails arrive??
I get no error logs on the server (hosting control panel)

am i missing something am I uploading the pages to the wrong place???

thanks for any help