Help with site

Well hello all.Im a new to flash but know somethings and have done alot of research.Well i was wondering if any one would like to help me with making a personal site for me and my friends.I’m not asking for someone to make me a site(eventho that would be nice)but i rather like to have someone help me so like that i could learn and eventually do it my self :).Anyway any comments,suggestion and /or questions would be appreciated .
thnx in Advance.~_^

try to make a scach of your site, what pages do you wont and what info in ech page,
then beuld your graphic, after u do so, then you have to plan your site from the flash programing point of v.
biulid a basic file containing the menu and all the constent objects, then build a file for eche page.
the pages files we will loade into the main movie.
good lack

ok thnx mezoo really helpful.Well i’ll start workin on it asap.:slight_smile:
Then i’ll see about the flash part.