Help with swf transitions to a specific frame

Hi peeps

I am having a hard time getting my head round this problem.

I have a main swf that has 5 buttons. Each of these movies loads a new swf into a holder MC. Each of these section swf’s has a MC which is loaded in via attachMovie with the content. There are transitions between sections and pages within sections. I can get all this to work except there are a couple of links that need to go to pages in other sections. SO what needs to happen is eg:

I am in section 1 page 2 (you will see brown triangular buttons on my sample structure). On that page is a button (3rd button down), that when pressed, needs to go to section 4 page 3. So when I press this, page 2, which is the page you are in, should outro, then section 1 should outro, section 4 should intro and then page 3 should intro. The confusing part for me is that I am not sure how to tell the playhead to jump to page 3 intro after section 4 has intro’d. I guess I need to use a variable at the end of section 4 intro that will know where to jump once it has established where it has come from. I have no idea of the syntax to use for the variables.

Does this make sense.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and you could stand a chance of jumping straight to the top of my Xmas card list…WOW.